Your dream car?

Tvr Tuscan Speed… :cool:

The Unique performance Shelby GT500E SuperSnake!


thats the monster Mclaren F1 Street

I got a few. first is the McLaren F1 LM, as built in 1995. The F1 LM is powered by a 6.1 litre BMW V12 engine that produces 668bhp. It accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 225 mph (362,1 km/h). The LM is 75kg’s lighter than the F1 and only 5 cars were built.

Next is this beast the Bugatti Veyron, it has a 8.0-litre W16 with has four valves per cylinder - for a total of 64 valves, it belts out 1001 horsepower, or 736kW @ 6000rpm, Just to put that in perspective, the Veyron generates more power than four of Subaru’s potent WRXs put got 7-speed semi-manual transmission, which is operated by paddle shifters located behind the tanned leather steering wheel. On average, the twin-clutch system takes just 0.2 seconds to change gears, which is quicker (on average) than a traditional manual.
If that isn’t enough, the four-wheel drive chunk of exotica will hit 300km/h in 14.0 seconds flat and can cruise at 400km/h with ease. The car is electronically limited to 400km/h (248 mph), though if de-restricted the 8.0-litre coupe would be capable of at least 450km/h, perhaps more if the final-drive ratio and fuel-injection mapping was tweeked. :eek: :eek: :eek: and its all wheel drive and has 4 turbos :bow:

Next the R34 SKYLINE GT-R V SPEC II, this is some what more of a reality lol even though its still like $95,000 plus another $25,000+ to import and like 2+mounths of wating hahahaha.

And also this bad boy the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 MR FQ-400
it has 400 hp and is a 4 door car :eek: :eek: :eek:

The Zonda of course, one of the fastest cars in the world

Well, it is not correct it can cruise at 400kph with ease. Due to its structure it can reach only ~370kph and after that it can generate more horsepower but no more speed. Volkswagen administrators say a customer can request the de-restriction (which requires aero-dynamic modifications) but it will be for closed circuit driving only.

Also I don’t think the speed is limited to 400kph… they say max speed is 406kph. Perhaps if you tweeded it it would reach 450…

Until it is on the market, the fastest car is the Koenigsegg CCR (395kph) and the one with most displacement is the Dodge Viper SRT-10 (8277 cubic centimeters) :wink:

@dee32uk: yesterday I saw an Aston Martin DB7. Very nice !!

@Mr.Belvedere: the Pagani Zonda is not really original (the engine is the 7.3-liter Mercedes AMG) but it has a nice feature: every 10 minutes it connects to the factory server to check if there are software upgrades…

I agree i would love to have a Koenigsegg in my driveway.Built in sweden it has 600kW 4.7-litre supercharged V8 engine and a $1.25 million price tag here in australia and has enough power to go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds, and has a claimed top speed of 395km/h.
At the sydney motor show they claimed it to be the fastest production car ever built.Just a little test drive would be fun :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Besides from “Herbie”, I only love: Il Tempo Gigante.

Have you seen the movie “I, Robot” ? I saw it on Saturday 23th. Audi has built a special car for it, the RSQ. It has no “normal” (hemiflat) wheels but completely spherical ones! I wonder how it brakes…

I think engine is nearly 6.0-liter V12 or perhaps a more recent W16 one (like the Bugatti Veyron).

The Bugatti Veyron…

My buddy just sold his and bought a Mini! I guess that’s what moving to London from Miami will do to ya

A half decent win on the lottery would see one of these on my drive.

Renault Modus


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Indeed a nice vehicle, Ben :slight_smile: . I totally forgot all about its existence :o .

Chrysler Viper

I have several dream cars, Here’s another

1969 Yenko Chevelle

I want an electronic car equipped with multiple HD camcorders and Blu-ray recorders. Should be able to fly a little at least to cross a small pond.

I downloaded this page to see how large it is.

3.18MB (3,341,513 byte) it is. For computers and DVD recordables, I haven’t seen a page as full of image files as this at CDFreaks forums. I always set it 100 posts in a page.

this would definitely be my dream car