Your dream car from Geneva



There were plenty of impressive entries competing for the title of “dream car” at the 77th International Motor Show in Geneva.

What’s your pick?


:cool: :cool:


Of course Bugatti Veyron, 0 to 62mph in 2.5 seconds, max 253mph, and a dreaming $1.6 million. :iagree:


^ I hate slow cars… :bigsmile:

A REAL CAR :wink:


How about a street legal car that most of us could afford in our lifetimes:



I’d take the Zonda F with the bare carbon fiber finish please :slight_smile: .


Pimped your own ride, huh? :bigsmile:


This one would do nicely.


Here’s my vote.

“Chicks dig the car!” - Robin


Mind how you drive it. You don’t want to end up like this guy!


:eek: Crashed into a Vauxhall Astra :eek: What a sad demise…
Chicks are no longer digging that car :stuck_out_tongue:


The new bugatti’s look like dung beetles :stuck_out_tongue:


What the link doesn’t show is. That car was being driven at over 100MPH in torrential rain and the Astra it hit was being driven by a young woman who also had her baby in the car. Luckily they were not injured or the driver of the Bugatti may have had more to worry about than just crashing it.

[edit] Oops my mistake. The woman was passenger and was pregnant


Ah,those were the days…



Zevia - This one’s for you.

Bugatti Veyron Top Speed


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