Your data mess up's?



Hey guys,
With Ben’s mess up with his SATA drive (no Ben im not trying to make you feel even worse!) I thort ppl could share there data miss haps so we can laff @ eachother :p.So heres mine:

After a 4 day LAN party I had thrashed my HDD with spyware (dam packed login skins), 1gb downloads and well GAMING (:p). I thort Id just move the files I want to keep to my D: drive and ghost the C: back to a freash install. Before my new (200gb :bigsmile: ) HDD I had one 40gb partitioned into to two 20’s. One for system and one for games. So moved all my files across and booted into my ghost DVD. Happly ziping thro the menu’s, Ghost did its job and rebooted back into a nice fresh new install of XP! Going into “My Computer” I just meber thinking “fook!!! WHERE IS MY D:?!!?” I then worked out during the ghost I had selected “Ghost to DRIVE” NOT “Ghost to PARITION”… That was it 20gb’s worth of my stuff goon!

Ah well as ppl say; Sh!t happenes



Bad luck, I’d say. But as you mentioned, shit happens. I have never used ghost. I only use True Image. Never ran in this piece of trouble :slight_smile:


The worst I ever did was mess up that partitions with partition magic. I basically, unrecoverably lost all the partitions on the drive (that had about 80 percent of my personal files on it). I had a ghost backup but it was really old. I used a recovery program but it recovered about 40,000 files (and the file names were lost so they were just numerically named in the order they were found). I spent forever looking through those files and got some of my stuff back but eventually gave up.


Aye worst I’ve ever done was have about 80GB’s of downloads & personal files on a raid array that was playing up.

Suspecting that one of the drives was dying, I quickly bought a brand New Western Digital premium HD and moved everything to it …
After thoroughly testing each of the raid drives, I concluded they were both working perfectly fine.
I re-raided them and re-partioned them and started moving the data back … Clunk.

The brand new WD died before I managed to get 1GB off it, taking everything with it …

Not freaking happy.

The HD was replaced a day later … but all those downloads, painfully sorted, excruciatingly downloaded via a 56K modem none the less - irreplaceable …


I had a maxtor 120 gig fail on me (6 months old). Luckilly I had a recent backup though. I did start using a raid 1 setup with 160 gig hitachi’s because of that though.


i personally had a 40 gig ibm (now hitachi) 85% full of my own ripped music from nearly all cd’s i owned at that time - hours and days of ripping, converting & tagging, sorting in folders - everything gone… damn, i did not have the time to rip it all again, even if it’s more than a year ago… :frowning:
also there were all my downloads (greetz @ debro - i understand you :wink: ) on it - i’m also on 56k, so d-loading just all the drivers took many hours, not to speak about all d-loaded windows udpates (i downloaded them manually to be able to install them without having to be online the next time), and all programs…

now, i’m backing up at least my “downloads”-folder once a week (compressed, it fits luckily still on a cd-r) - but my (new) music-archive is still unsaved… :frowning: it’s not nice to have no dvd-burner… :wink: and even if i had, how many media ( = money) would it take?!


have had RAID 0 arrays fail due to OC’ing w/out a PCI lock on one mobo. purchased a new 250GB HD for all my music and vids but that drive decided to have the “click of death” about a week later and i had erased all the files from the original drive already.


Bought a new segate 200Gb 8Mb cashe drive a month ago and thought it would be a good idea to install windows on that instead and then merge the partitions on the old drive with partition magic. Installed windows ran partition magic it worked for a couple of hours and threw an error I rebooted and my 80 Gb almost full partition was gone. Damn. Used a file recovery software to get back some irreplacable stuff after several hours of work. And had luckily copied all my music to my 20 gb mp3 player (now also used for backup of irreplacable files). Well I guess we all have to learn to backup our personal stuff the hard way (and then updating the backups.)


Nice avtar there! :smiley:



thanks, for all those good replies to my new avatar i think i will keep it a while… :wink: yes, i admit - it’s more attractive than the “old” doom monster… :wink:


Are those from a CDFreaks member?


what exactly? :wink:


I lost my…ermmmm…personal collection when i put it on a 2nd 80Gb HDD that i knew was dying, but i needed the space. It died before i could transfer this collection to DVD. I managed to recover all of the data eventually but it was unusable and had to be deleted. :wink:


I’ve lost more data than I could poke with a stick. Some of it was things that I am still looking for now. Other was just things I have downloaded because I thought I might need it.

Generally I swaer alot at my computer for a while, sometimes kick it or things lying around and then format the drive and start again.

The only good point about it is I get a nice clean drive to refill. Thats the only time my D drive gets emptied and formatted.


I dropped an armful of LTO Ultrium-2 cartridges once. 8 tapes busted, each holding between 200GB and 400GB of customer data.


Dam! :eek: I gess that was “old” job?



Nope. Current job. Shit happens. :wink:


I lost a 10 years old data from my old office. The 1.4MB floopy disks :Z got moldy. :sad: And now I don’t know how to backup all my 500gigs of data. :confused:


Lost a raid-0 stack after a windows XP update, still don’t know what happend. I can’t repair the config because I can’t enter the bios of the raid controller on my Asus Mobo… Damn, 120 gig down the drain… System and all buisiness data lost… :frowning:


you should recreate the array (very weird if you can’t do this, maybe controller went bad) then you should do a win XP recovery console (booting from the winxp disc and then hitting F6 to load the appropriate RAID drivers) and try CHKDSK -p, FIXBOOT and/or FIXMBR.

if it’s business related data it shouldn’t be on a RAID-0 array but if it is it should definitely be backed up somewhere very regularly.