Your comments on the LG GCE 8320b

I am about to buy my first cd-writer and have been reading alot about them lately. I am not a power user and my cd-writer will just have to burn the occasional software cd, data backups, and a few audio cds.

The one product that has caught my eye is the LG GCE 8320b. I have read the review on this site as well as from other sources and this drive seems to be a good buy for the price range I am looking at.

However, I have heard that its tray gets stuck sometimes and there are other mechanical problems with it. I have also heard that this writer’s lens gives trouble. I want to know if any of you’ll have faced such problems with this writer. Are there any other common problems with this product?

I want a drive that will last me a long time without causing problems. Is this LG product ideal or should I look elsewhere?

Thanks for your time.

After some good months, I’ve had no problems whatsoever with mine, it’s been a superb all-around performer, and rock-solid.

Definitely recommended.

thanks for the feedback. I think that I will go out and buy the LG tommorow. It was a toss up between the LG 32x and the Sony 32x writers. The LG has better features (8Mb buffer etc…) and does seem to be reliable enough…

Personally, I’d have gone for a Lite-On bruner if I thought about it a bit more carefully, just seems more of a complete package than the LG. Not that it’s a bad drive, but the Lite-On really is an incredible drive considering the price

Originally posted by Down&Out
… just seems more of a complete package than the LG. …

In what way is the Lite-on drive a more complete package? I still have not bought anything and I am open to suggestions…

Just that generally the Liteons seem to be a better writer + reader, and with the speed control util it means that you can overclock them and not have the fussy media type problem that I have with the LG.

Considering the Liteon is generally cheaper as well it just makes more sense. Personally I think that CDRlabs overrated this drive

thanks for the info.
I will look into the lite-on drive.

Another drive I am thinking about is the Sony 32/10/40. Is the LG better than that drive or are they more or less the same?

But the Lite-On 32123S CANNOT be overclocked at all… Only the W model can… And most media works great at the LG… 32x@40 burning at 32x is still 40 seconds faster than most 32x writers and even faster than most 40x Z-CLV… Just don’t use bad media, even the average Gigastorage 24x works well @32x… 3:20 - > 80’ media full disc on any of the @32x media…

Also, the drive is built a lot more solid than the litey, is quieter and has the smoothest tray I’ve ever seen… And has about the same read speeds…

Media I’ve tested:

Princo 16/24x - > @32x
DST 16x - > @ 32x
Prodisc 24x - > @32x
Gigastorage 24x - > @32x
Kodak 24x - > @24x
Ritek 16x - > @24x
CMC 16/24x - > @24x (Yellow Sectors)
Sony/Sony 24x - > @24x (Yellow sectors)
Vanguard 16x - > @32x (A couple bad discs in the spindle, not the burner’s fault)

The Sony 32/10/40 is just a rebranded LTR-32123S on my understanding, same drive, different face…

thanks for that info. I think that I will go for the LG. They have a service center close to me so if any problems arise, I will find it easy to get them sorted out. Although from what I have read, it is not a problematic drive.