-= Your cigarette brand ? =-


Dave Chappelle’s the maaan.

Heck yeah :iagree: :iagree: :bow: :bow:
(kinda gettin’ off topic)

Nope, never have or plan to smoke.

Dannemann… the first choice… :wink:

second choice… sponging cigarettes from friends :bigsmile:

Never touched one. And pretty sure I never will. Since I’ve come this far. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ve touched at least one fag in your lifetime :slight_smile:

I thought Europeans were wise enough not to smoke.

I roll my own because they are too damn expensive to buy ($10 a pack). I’ve tried to quit about 10 times in the last 2 years but just haven’t found the will power yet. Actually, it’s when I have a beer that I break down every time. I think I’ll have to quit drinking for a few months to do it right. :frowning:

Brand is called Players (Canadian).

Nope, never and proud of it :slight_smile:

I gave up 2 months or so ago and haven’t felt like one since.

Since you guessed that, do you come from a smoking family, or do you often find yourself among smokers? Since your guess was wrong I mean.

I hate smoke, if any of you you were to light a cigarette while I’m around I’d quickly get a firehose or a katana.

If you are in desperate need of nicotine then get snuff instead! By that I mean snus, which is a bit different from what many of you think of when you hear snuff. Currently it’s forbidden in the EU to sell it outside of Sweden for no reason. Hopefully the ban will be lifted soon. Cigarette smoke is disgusting, with snus at least you do no collateral damage.

Snus: http://www.swedishmatch.se/eng/index.asp

Yup… My guess was definetely wrong. My brother smokes and nearly all my friends.

The fact Europeans and North Americans are quitting smoking is a relief for the rest of the world, too. Chinese, South Koreans, and Japanese smoke too much. There are more smokers in the three countries than Europe and North America combined. Whether one dies from smoking or hereditary cancer is one’s own problem. I can’t even help it about my wife who’s got that cerebral palsy at age 2 (I thought it was 4 last year but she told me it’s 2) and lost her mother age age 25 who should have lived long enough to die with her daughter together at the same moment but died after 15 years of struggle against cancer. However, I can’t stop feeling the urge to kill when people are smokiin on open streets. None of the smokers quit smoking walking beside the three of us, me, my wife, and our daughter. None of them is considerate enough to stop smoking in front of a baby two months old or a person on a wheelchair who can’t even drive the wheelchair oneself. You see why i like to live in a place very distant from the 25 million mob in Seoul. Why should I have a lung full of contamination from nicotine when I have never smoked once? That’s what they call reality.

If I remember correctly, you are in Greece. People in southern part of Europe must smoke more than people in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, especially since 1990s. In some part of the world, smoking is more popular than ever, like in South Korea. It’s a trend and a fashion. As sick as a society which portraits gangsters as beatiful and perfect creatures and the only way to become rich is to win lottery after spending $100 every week.

If a person politely asks me to stop smoking in their surroundings with valid arguments i will comply to their request with almost no hesitation. I don’t smoke to kill other people , i smoke because i enjoy it.

Unfortunately most arguments are invalid. Examples :

  • People who used to stand 100 metres of me , come stand next to me and then start complaining. Why move next to me in the first place ?
  • People who enter a smoking area and start complaining about the smoke.
  • People who come up to me and say it’s bad for me to smoke. Yeah ? I know that and i took my chances. I don’t need the same lecture every single day.

I have a friend who is very very reactive to cigarette smoke. If he visits me , i stand outside on my own balcony of my own house for a smoke.

People up there tend to smoke weed and not cigarettes…

I used to smoke when I was very young 16 or so, but not much. Finally, I quit. :slight_smile: One thing that bothers me is how some companies i.e. Kodak are making lot’s of money whilst destroying peoples lungs. They currently manufacture fibers for the filters in cigarettes and at the same time, they peddle film for lung x-rays. They are also the largest polluter in my county. :a

Please stop smoking if you can. Use the money for other things!

Kodak does that? The camera company?? :confused:

Damn… :frowning: That’s exactly what I wanted to say… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto. Never liked the smell of 2nd-hand smoke, so I won’t even dare to try 1st-hand.

The one thing I like about the USA and that I hate about China is that when I walk the streets of China, there’s almost no way I can avoid second-hand smoke, which doesn’t agree with me at all. Smoking seems to have mostly died down in the US; I seem to see fewer and fewer people use it every year. :slight_smile: I wonder how prevalent it is in other countries?