-= Your cigarette brand ? =-

I guess most of you smoke…

So what do you smoke?

I’ve changed like 20 brand till now (tasted almost everything), and I like the most:

Lucky Strike (Red) and Winston.

I think you’re wrong… More and more people are quitting nowadays :wink:

Anyway, I used to smoke. Marlboro!

CAMEL and sometimes Gauloises Blondes, or (on Mallorca) Fortuna !

Damn, people still smoke now a days? I thought cigarette smoking lost all its coolness when Winston got dropped by NASCAR as the primary sponsor. I haven’t taken a puff since my high school days, when everybody’s trying to look cool. Yeah, Marlboros…

Smoking is bad… :wink:

Yes, smoking weed is better.

Marlboro Lights



stop smoking now…

I don’t smoke :cool:

Just picked up 4 cartons of Gauloises in Andorra. Costed me 14.50 euro’s each :slight_smile:

Laramie Juniors:cool:

I don’t smoke. Never have, never will.

Yup, that’s what I said too.

That’s a F… vice decision guys. :cool:

Me? I’m not that clever!!!:o 30 ‘red kings’ a day.

There are some pretty shocking “Don’t Smoke” adverts in the UK (ie someone needing to wear an oxygen mask 24/7).

Well, I bet you it’s not as annoying and irritating as the ones in the US. Man, I hate that Truth anti-smoking campaign so much, it makes me wanna smoke again.

Dave Chappelle did a skit on this :). Seriously, if like 2000 ‘dead’ bodies in Times Square is convincing, let me join the masses.

LOL, Chappelle’s great. I hope he sues Fox for stealing his Switching Spouse idea and gets a shit load of money.

I hate cigarettes, i just smoke some weed…