Your Choice of NEC3520, LIte-ON1633S & AOpen1608?

Please let me know what would it be your choice between the following DVD burners and Why?.

1- NCE-3520
2- Lite-On 1633S
3- AOpen DUW1608

1633 sucks in my experience. i only got it to scan and rip DL with
nec 3520 with help from dee seems to be coming along nicely
aopen no idea i know their readers are unbeatable. when the 35xx series gets scanning i think i will be getting one for ripping and disposing of the 1633

I would consider the following writers, at the moment:

  1. BenQ DW1620 - pros: quality (P-)CAV burns at 12-16x, quality scanning, overspeeding; cons: none, really.
  2. LG GSA-4163B - pros: 16x P-CAV if you have access to 16x media; cons: Z-CLV strategies below 16x, no quality scanning.
  3. (on your list) NEC ND-3520A - not familiar with it, but hear it’s a decent writer (others will give you better information).

I wouldn’t touch either Lite-On SOHW-1633S (poor quality at 12x and 16x) or AOpen DUW1608 (super-slow Z-CLV strategies, poor quality at any speed).

So, that narrows it down to ND-3520A by exclusion. (But I still suggest a DW1620.)

P.S. Yes, I know this is the NEC forum. :slight_smile:

Between the drives you have selected, I agree with the above. The NEC clearly beats the other two by a significant margin. NEC has close to perfection with their approach to writing strategies. I have seen superb scans with top quality media and very good scans with mid priced media. Plus the next firmware is reported to support scanning with CDSpeed.

One thing to add to the choices is the LG 4163B. I just added one and I am finding that it burns most of my top quality media with better results than my NEC. Both are top quality.

Thank you all for the good advise, the problem with NEC is first of all I have one NEC3500 already with near perfect performance as some of you have indicated so have two NEC in case even two from the same model (3500) isn’t that sound right, second problem is NEC is slow ripper and I thought my second drive would better than my 3500 in ripping and reading.

The Pioneer 109 is a good burner and with patched A09 firmware it will rip a DL DVD at 12X max.