Your choice for the LR - Vote now or shut the hell up

What he said ^ :iagree:

Put the games back into the living room.
Put entertainment as a subforum of News …
And then.

** Living room & sub forums do not count towards post-count **

The Grappa, kitties & kippers are getting a little pervasive.
DON’T make me put on my underwear!

Hehe, that’s fair enough :iagree:…but I’ve been good, dammit! :bigsmile:

Seriously though, I like the way you made your point, rather than just having a rant. :wink:

Edit: OK, well I never could keep my gob shut for long…:slight_smile:

I don’t read/post to all the threads, and I only go into the Quest if someone points something out to me, so I could be missing the bigger picture here.

I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of my time checking every thread on the 1st page of the main LR, and aside from 3 posts in this particular thread, I see no mention of the 3 subjects in question.

The only place I;m involved where they’re mentioned regularly, are in the “Post a pic of another user…” thread, which is possibly because a couple of us have felines as avatars.

I think from what I can see, recently threads have contained exactly what the title says: Australians are freezing; Christmas Trees; Cornflakes etc.

So whilst a post as good as slayerking’s above is more likely to make me (dunno about others) sit up and take notice :iagree:, rather than a rant/moan in a different thread, I’m not quite sure what else can be done about keeping these 3 subjects to a minumum, when all the threads bar one on the 1st page don’t contain those subjects anyway. :slight_smile:

well now that the matter has been brought to light and it appears that Moderators and Editors are in the hijinx - Which in my opinion should be held to higher standards being they have a title and job on the forum- maybe things will be different. Please don’t make this one of those sights were people get mad and fight all the time those are not a joy to be a member of.I don’t post here as much as I just visit, but I do get very good advice on different matters concerning my computer,which I’m sure many guests do.After all this is a CD forum which happens to have a Living Room where people can chill , not the other way around.

Good kitty … would you like a scratch behind the ears? :wink:

Don’t people click on the NEW POSTS link to get the latest, no matter what category?

no i don’t :wink: i just come to the living room via my book mark…and the threads with new posts are in bold…:wink: then i choose to look at the threads i’m intrested in…the others i dont

I used that alot … now I rarely venture into forums other than the living room, because I get email notifications. :stuck_out_tongue:

Occasionally I drop into the newbie forum to help those struggling noobs :wink:

I usually go to a site, click the NEW POSTS link and then have say 1-7 pages of posts. In Maxthon, I leave that New Posts tab open, then middle click on each post link to open that thread in a new tab, contribute/read, then close the tab when done. The New Posts tab stays open and I just go through those until I’m finished, then I go to the home page and do the MARK FORUMS READ thing, and I’m good to go. :slight_smile:

From your description I think you are marking all new posts between the time you click on New Posts and the time you click on Mark Forums Read as read without ever seeing them.

I often use a procedure close to yours, but it’s an iterative procees where I use the New Posts function again (and again) before marking forums read.

Say there are 4 pages of new posts. I start with page 4 and work my way backwards to page 1, and since I type and reply pretty fast, I usually click the New Posts link one more time, then if nothing new is there, go to the main forum page and click the MARK FORUMS READ link.

I do kinda wish that there was a Mark Forums Read link on all of the pages so I did not have to navigate back, but that is a minor thing.

ok so has this turned into a “how to view the forum thread” instead of GIVE US THE LIVING ROOM BACK like it was or shut the hell up…or something along those lines thread?

We hijacked it. Sorry. :frowning:

/me whispers to the sweet man…hey dude thats why its in the living room…
no harm/ no foul

The living room is Off-Topic by definition :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly…too many people wanna make rules for the living room and it just ain’t gonna werk (in the tone of Geroge W)

Woohoo! Too many cooks in the kitchen :wink:

We’re gonna end up with one of those ‘Dare foods’, you know that mixture of all things gross & disgusting that you dare someone to drink, after way too many bruskies :wink:
Like the original vegemite :stuck_out_tongue:

around here we call that Fear Factor Food which is almost 65 pages of kittens…and now a new one

i mean yeah some of the pics were cute…but if ya’ll want so many kitten pics…why not join a Cat lovers forum…

there are 2 threads now…and how many more…can’t you just merge them.???

I already mentioned the first link you pointed to. :wink:

As for the second, wasn’t started by me :wink:

And I was actually talking about the main LR…but yeah, if another one crops up, or any further ones, I will merge them with Geno’s thread :wink: