Your choice for the LR - Vote now or shut the hell up

Who knows your vote may just count.

Well it will count obviously, but maybe somthing will come of it.

Maybe nothing will. I don’t know.

I dunno why there’s gotta be a change. It’s pretty self-moderating and there are no real problems, except maybe there’s now an “inside crowd” and “non-inside crowd” kind of people.

I like it the way it is. :slight_smile:

Me too. :iagree:

Leave Everything The Hell Alone :iagree:

:iagree: DITO :iagree:

My idea is: To merge the “Living Room” with the “Optical Storage Technical Discussions” forum, just for the fun of it.
When that’s done you should equalize each and every post count on the whole board to 666, just for the hell of it.

Is that a serious question?
Storm in teacup time again is it?

Hide post-counts…ban anyone who complains…apply the patriot act…execution…

or, just leave things as they are, please

Re: the thread title - OK, own up…who peed in Womble’s cornflakes yesterday?!


Hmm… perhaps cornflakes can be mistaken for a litter box, and we have some cats on the forum… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people perform a strange dance when they have to go to the little girls/boys room… is it the same with cats? :bigsmile:

I think it’s very telling that the option with most votes is “Leave it the Hell Alone” :bigsmile:

Better watch out, mentioning cats…maybe mention something safe like Kangaroos or toilet paper instead :bigsmile:




AAARGH…I sense the posting of a weird cat picture can´t be resisted much longer

@deanimator: I loved your pic of uhh… kangaroos in this post, and we definitely need more pics of uh… kangaroos bouncing uh… toilet paper in the air or sumthin’ like that. :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

ROTFLMAO @ you and Dean!!! :bigsmile:

Bad attitude to start a post with “Shut the hell up?”???

Since the poll seems so nonsensical, I just voted to leave it alone.

Geesh! Too much freakin’ drama. :stuck_out_tongue:

Focus on that main CD Freaks home page and leave the forums alone. If the crap redesign on that page is any indication, we certainly don’t need any of that sensibility applied to the forums… :bigsmile:


i just want the living room back like it was…and as for the post count …you can take that away if ya want…i just liked being in the living room and participtating in the quest now i have to go to the living room…then to games…bleh…just put it back like it was…

Here’s a suggestion that may work for you regardless of forum structure. If you already know about it then pardon me for wasting your time:

Click on Quick Links in the forum linkbar, and then click on Subscribed Threads.
That will show you all the threads you have subscribed to in reverse chronological order based on which thread has been updated last.

Depending on your forum option settings, you might be automatically subscribed to all threads you have posted in or no threads at all. You can subscribe explicitly to a thread by using Thread Tools => Subscribe to this Thread. You can also unsubscribe to threads from within the Subscribed Threads list.

If you like using the Subscribed Threads list, you can bookmark it and use that as your entry into the forums.

now see why can’t i just add the Living Room to my book marks Like i have already done and just respond to the thread i want… now i have to go to the living room…then to the games thread just for a couple threads…most of the others i could care less about now…or i’ve just lost intrest in them…

I’m sure that’s not what SS, Debro, others and myself meant. What was meant was each thread has a title and is different, yet when opened they were all taken over by kippers, grappa and kitties. Now you gotta admit that when you open a thread you are not expecting to see the same thing in every thread over and over, sort of defeats the purpose of having different threads. I personally couldn’t give a shit what anyone talks about, but when every thread is the same there is not much point to reading them. :wink: :flower: