Your BF2 nick

Since all people play BF2 I thought we could do a nice little list of what we call ourselves in our virtual world.

If you play BF2 (which we have already concluded everybody does) then I’m sure you already know about

My stats

Post your name so we can compare who’s got the bigger! :bigsmile:

i don’t play this game.
lost fun about it in the first 2 months, when it was balanced like hell and no patch was available.
let’s say: EA did shit with this game…

The patches were pretty awful with the whole hotfix-situation but I dont understand what you mean by balanced like hell. Its pretty balanced I think, with the exception of the Black Hawk being 100 times better than the other armies transport helis. But in all I find it very balanced.

v 1.0 was not balanced. a helicopter full of mechanics was invulnerable and invincible.
some vehicles were too strong etc etc.
all that stuff, this was no fun.

BF2 Sucks. :slight_smile:

Real people play FarCry therefore you don’t exist anymore.


Of course you were referring to your disappearing act with a cloud of white smoke … not the other definition of ‘poof’ which is “Someone with a penchant for sodomy”.

Bra bumhug! People dont play games released in 1987 anymore! Farcry is teh old!

Far Cry Instincts for the Xbox!

Oh well, one more month and new xbox will appear. poof!