Your average Belgian

He’s on the j00tub. He’s apparently pretty normal.

Perhaps we should get expert opinions from our Belgian friends [B]Francksoy[/B] and [B]Cressida[/B] on how typical Alfred really is. :slight_smile:

Other penguins… uh… I mean [U]Belgians[/U] are welcome to chirp in uh… I mean [U]chip[/U] in as well. :bigsmile:

Oh dear God…LOL!!! :bigsmile:

Scheirmes is Belgian too - wonder what he thinks?

All the Belgians on here seem pretty level-headed…but I wonder if they too have secret penguin fetishes :bigsmile:

After CD Freaks… penguin freaks :bigsmile:

I wonder if his computer have linux installed… :doh:

Anyway, he still looks sexier than our minister of justice imo:

All that orange…

[B]Orange dress, orange couch, orange background.[/B]

Are you sure she’s Belgian and not a [B]Dutch[/B] spy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that you mention it… but on second thought, no that can’t be right - her command of the Dutch language is too abysmal for that. :bigsmile:

edit: hearing that would really turn you off :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s a penguin too?

:iagree: she looks frid/ sorry freezing cold enough to be.

Ooooh, I know what you were gonna say :bigsmile:

Put you flippers together for the average Belgian :wink:

Wow, even if I spelled it wrong. :bigsmile: