Your average belgian decorating

I dont really know what happened here, but I’m impressed by the result. It looks very hip and different.

I’m just glad it’s been identified as cement … and not the after-effects of tub girl on a bad day :stuck_out_tongue:

gives a whole new meaning to …
Firm office chair

and newly added HARD drive :wink:

Cement you say. Do you have any concrete evidence of that?

First the statue of the peeing boy as a national monument.

Then the Penguin called Alfred.

And now belgian-style Feng Shui gone horribly wrong.

I wonder what those “average” belgians will think of next…

…Getting some popcorn and sitting down to watch in amazement what those belgians are up to next…

Looks like someone’s had too much Vindaloo the night before. Of course, the colour has been altered in Photoshop. :wink:

Vindaloo, as in “win da loo”? :stuck_out_tongue:

And you once accused me of having a dirty mind! LOL! :wink: