Your 8x DVD+R drive might write dual layer discs *Update*

I just posted the article Your 8x DVD+R drive might write dual layer discs Update.

Earlier we reported that a Philips spokesman
reported on another site that current 8x DVD+R recorders could possibly be
upgraded to support dual layer discs with a firmware update…

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…I hear Blockbusters are looking for people to volunteer to test this technology, backing up their stores collection of DVDs and looking after the off site copy, should, heaven forbid, anything go wrong like their store go up in smoke! Are there any volunteers in the audience? :d


I sure hope this is true, as I’m buying either a Plextor or Pioneer 8x writer this xmas.

They won’t allow you to enjoy double layer media through a firmware. They will rip you off making you to buy a new drive that can do that. It is business, why would they give out a freebie? Illogical.