Young Buck, T.I. to be featured in upcoming reality shows

I usually post news about tech and politics, but decided to take a break for a while and post some entertainment news.

Rappers will fill the hip-hop reality show gap left by the cancellation of MTV’s 50 Cent-helmed The Money and the Power with two new series.

MTV will catalogue the life of Atlanta rapper T.I. as he prepares to serve a year in jail on a new reality series this winter. The show, titled T.I.’s Road to Redemption, will chronicle his last 45 days as a free man as he tries to make things right with his community, completing the 1,000 hours of community service ordered by a judge.

The series, which will continue filming through March, will take a look how the rapper manages his career, personal life and judicial obligations.

BET will present Played by Fame, where musicians and actors play pranks on their unsuspecting fans. Nashville’s Young Buck is said to be among those participating, along with Ludacris, Bobby Valentino and many others.

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A rapper going to jail? NO WAY! At least he apparently understands why he’s being sent to the slammer, and he’ll likely spend the next year working as best as he can while behind bars.