You want a T shirt? Design it!

I say, if you all want an anti-RIAA T shirt, we should some kind of design thread - as a jumping off point. Just my thoughts, though.

//please dont be vulgar :smiley:

Do you have a template? :slight_smile:

Shirt-template courtesy of :slight_smile:

Updated the shirt with grammatically correct spelling (thanks FlyingD ;))

lol, niceeee

gotta get some thoughts on paper, and con my roommate into PSing them for me.

Greets to FlyingD for the inspiration :slight_smile:

Perhaps the idea of Machiavelli might be of help:

Machiavelli’s best known works are DISCORSI SOPRA LA PRIMA DECA DI TITO LIVIO (1531) and IL PRINCIPE (1532), whose main theme is that all means may be used in order to maintain authority, and that the worst acts of the ruler are justified by the treachery of the government.