You tube videos

i dont know if this is illegal (and if it is, please say so), but is there a way to save a video from You Tube onto one’s hard drive? A friend told me that there is a program called I Sound which allows someone to save audio that comes out of a computer’s speakers which I guess would work with You Tube’s audio. But what about video? Thanks.

There is some sensitivity about discussing this type of issue on this forum you cans Google it may be you find some answer. or look into the following site for a clue:

Try this wesbite:

Hope it helps.

Basically what you do is go to youtube where your video is. Next to the video there is a link copy that link. Then go to the website There is a text field called download then you can paste the link there and it will download. The downloaded file must be changed to .flv format in order to view it. There is software that helps you to either view flash video’s or convert flash video’s to a format such as mpg, avi, etc you must just search for this online. The terrible thing about youtube is the picture quality and the conversion in some cases makes it worse. Therefore the best thing is to keep it in flash format and just get the viewer for it.