You Tube Videos Downloadind/Ripping

I want to download some to my hard drive. Before, I would copy the link then use Freemake Video Convertor to burn to a blank dvd. This time I just want for them to go to the hard drive so I can play them back in a DJ/VJ Software. I will be using Windows 7 this time instead of Windows 8. Should be the same. Thanks

I use Freemake Video Downloader for this.
I haven’t used it for a couple of weeks but it did fine on the last YouTube video I downloaded.
I don’t have or need the Freemake Video Converter.

Most browsers have a plug-in available to d/l youtube.

Right Right Cholla, I figured You Tube and Freemake out! Just had to mess with it! Thanks Again Bro!

I use Freemake Video Downloader and the converter

I also use[B] Free YouTube Download[/B] you can download playlists and can convert to different formats while downloading .

They have a cool Forum and support is Good :flower:

Your welcome midnightmike .
Did you use Freemake Video Downloader to do the downloads from YouTube ?

diane7 is the one that told me about Freemake Video Downloader & I’ve been using it since for YouTube downloads. It has some conversion capabilities but I seldom use them.

I don’t have anything pro or con to say about Freemake Video Convertor as I haven’t used or installed it. It is probably good. I just already have other software that I know does a good job. It depends on what I’m converting the YouTube A/V to which of those I use.