You tube used to work on my 64bit vista laptop

ok didnt select the category, brand, product, in the dropdpwnn menu cause it doesnt work with my computer (tried it twice) so I’ll do it the old way. I have an HP Pavillion dV7 laptop purchased from best buy. It is 64bit. I know how flash doesnt support 64 bit Etc. when it left Best Buy You tube and sites like it worked just fine. I got some malware Trend micro could only “detect” and their system cleaner did nothing but error out and didnt even create a log to show what it tried to do. So, I got out my system disks and re installed windows to get rid of malware. Now not one single youtube video works. it says you either have Java diabled or old flash player. of course when I try to get it, its not compatable with 64bit. So why did it work before? how do I get that back? thanks!

Use a 32-bit browser, flash doesn’t work with 64-bit IE.