"You Only Live Twice" - Process failed

I have just purchased my own copy of the “You Only Live Twice” DVD. This updated version of the 1967 Sean Connery 007 film is one of 20 titles in the new DVD collection, which features Frame by Frame Digital Restoration and DTS 5.1 Audio.

I am currently running DVDFab Platinum version under Windows XP Professional SP2.

When I attempted to copy the movie only to the hard drive in uncompressed form (DVD9), DVDFab immediately closed with no error dialogues. When I then tried to copy the entire DVD (again in DVD9) the program seemed like it was going to start normally, but after a couple of seconds an error dialogue appeared saying “Process Failed”.

I then tried the discontinued freeware DVD Decrypter and the files were copied to the HD with no errors. Not only that, but there were no problems at all in playing the output files from the hard disk.

I then thought that I might try to use DVDFab to shrink the uncompressed files to DVD5 format, and this time everything seemed to work up to the task successfully completed dialogue. The only problem was that there was now only 1 VOB file in the folder and nothing else!

Finally I gave up on DVDFab completely at least for this DVD, although I have never encountered this problem with three other movies I also own from the same James Bond updated collection.

Just out of interest I then used DVD Shrink 3.2 on the uncompressed files, and everything was fine. Note that I did not at any time use RipIt4Me or FixVTS (both of which have now been discontinued).

Does anyone including technical support have any idea as to why I cannot use my registered copy of DVDFab Platinum without it failing with this DVD, and yet I can use both the older programs DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink with no errors whatsoever?

I have not attempted to burn the compressed files to a blank DVD +R, so I cannot say yet whether or not this will also work as expected. Will keep you posted. I have never encountered this type of problem up until now with any other of the nearly 500 DVD titles in my DVD collection, many of which are also copy protected using Sony ARcoSS, as this one appears to be. This must be I presume an unusual variant of it, which causes this particular problem with DVDFab?

Thanking anyone in advance who believes they can answer my questions,

reeman50 :doh:

Try the new beta I think Fengtao put in a work around for this(I belive one of the vob’s is over 1048mb on the disk).EDIT:Sorry got the info wrong but who knows maybe more than one “Bond” film done the same way

Just an update to my original post.

The output files ripped first using DVD Decrypter then compressed with DVD Shrink gave a fully working copy of the movie, when burned to a DVD+RW.

reeman50 :iagree:

V3162 failed on The last King of Scotland but V3165 worked without a problem.
As suggested above use V3165

I wish to thank you both for your suggestions and input, but the programme’s author Fengtao has since sent me a private message containing a link to the Beta (internal) version of DVDFab Platinum, and it worked flawlessly with “You Only Live Twice”, both for the full disc and main movie only.

Honestly I am so impressed with the support I have received as a registered customer of this software, that I would now recommend it to anybody else who asked.

Unlike many such forums where your question can sit there for weeks or months with not one response (if indeed you receive any), this cdfreaks forum is tops in my humble opinion. Even if your technical problems cannot be immediately sorted out, at least you are not left feeling that you are the only person who cares?

From one very happy and satisfied Aussie customer,

Great work Fengtao and CdFreaks (please keep it up),

reeman50 :bow: :bow:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I’m glad new version works for you.