You laugh like

If you find something amusing, you usually laugh.

What does your laugh sound like and how long is it?

Does it always have to six ha’s?

Who counts the “ha” when they laugh?
I normally just go into hysterics if I find something funny

Depends on what it is. Something really funny and I will still be chuckling away to myself a couple of days later.

When I read/see/hear something funny, I generally ROFLMAO.

Anchorman made me randomly go haha 2 hours after i left the movie.

I have a weird laugh … at least that’s what “they” always tell me. :rolleyes:

Subtile humor: I just smile
Rude humor: hahaha for as long as I can

I prefer the subtile one!

I “ha” once.

i think i sound funny when i laugh…but …i love to hear Tax’s laugh…so MANLY!!!

Dunno about that one, but it sure is loud…
People can hear me coming a mile away…

At the office, people sometimes close the door and tell me to stop laughing…gives you an idea :wink:

And S_S is more giggling…funny…very funny to hear

I thought the two off you had your own forum for this kinda talk. :wink: :bigsmile:

I weep when I’m laughing hard…

Do you wanna talk about it?

My girlfriend thinks it’s kinda cool… so why should I? Nothings beats a good laugh, try to do it as often as possible! :bigsmile:

I only weep when I hear a really really good joke … doesn’t happen to often … unfortunately.

I used to choke and roll on the ground but I got over it :wink:

have you ever laughed so hard and so long it made your stomach sore…???

I have…

Me too… I can still remember all occasions, boy those were funny…

I hate and love those occasions :rolleyes: