You know you're a real CDfreak if you



always run barefoot because there are no MIJ sneakers.
hand-count PIEs and PIFs with a super-expensive microscope which you bought just to scan your hand-selected TYG02s after burning.
hate TYG03.

Anybody have more suggestions? :wink:


Buy the crappiest media just because you want to see the pretty colors in the quality scans.

You scan your disc 47 times because you want to get rid of that single PIF spike that prevents you from getting a 99% quality score.

You have more “Create Data Disc” DVDs with random content than you have DVDs with actual content.

Every disc is scanned in five different drives at all possible scanning speeds, just to get a more complete understanding of how the burn quality is.

You don’t care about world events or who’s going to win the next election, but you go into a hissy fit when someone criticizes your precioussss NeGLiteBenxtor drive.

You have a larger stash of blank media than your local computer shop.

You know by heart all the model numbers of optical drives that have ever been released, and your mission in life is to have two of each.

You read this thread and think to yourself: Hey, that’s me!

You post in this thread. :o


Oh crap :o

Nice to see you two posting in here :iagree: (excellent thread too) :bigsmile:




You talk about Taiyo Yuden to a shop assistant, and are annoyed when the response is “You should go with a more famous brand, like Sony”.


LOL!!! :bigsmile:


I just thought of one, which definitely applies to me:

  • You have more burners, than PCs to put them in



…you get visibly upset when you overhear a salesperson at an electronics store selling a person some overpriced plextor retail box with a no-name manufactured drive inside when there’s a $35 BenQ 1640/50/55 rebadge sitting right next to it…

bonus FREAK points if you interrupt the salesperson…


Well I can offer one a nice home in my spare bay.

reason how dare you say I am a freak, and yes I have interupted in the shop, though on media and not diives. Maybe that doesn’t count then.

-You tut and roll your eyes when you hear an assistant say the manufacturer/name of the media doesn’t matter.
-You burst out laughing when they say Ritek are the best around.


Hehehe, I’ll bet you could :bigsmile:

I’ve said really loudly that xxx media is crap in stores (within earshot of the assistants).


You bought a new chassis and a new power supply just to fit in more burners, to have burners of all big brands running… :rolleyes:
Next time when the guy in the Saturn wants to sell Memorex media I’ll shout “how dare you play with that poor noob! TY forever!” :iagree:


Stop reading my mind (just kidding) :wink:

And no, I’m not editing my quote…should have been quicker :bigsmile:


Well it is my birthday soon…

It’s more fun when you laugh out loud as then they’re forced to ask “what’s funny…” and you explain it realy makes them look stupid. I got asked not to return to one shop after doing this.

-You know the stamper codes of all the manufacturers, yet claim not to remember birthdays.

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Your mind has PIF spikes! I had to slow down to read it! :iagree:
Then I’ll better not dare to fool the guys from there, media shops and especially GOOD (as in TY-carrying) shops are rare here.


/me looks out her crappiest drive

Damn, I love them all :bigsmile:

LOL, I can’t believe you were asked not to return - details, please :bigsmile:

I couldn’t be bothered to edit (for once) :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:
You know you’re a real CDfreak if you…have posted more than once in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


The shop will remain nameless to protect the stupid, oops sorry I mean the innocent. Me and my typos.

kg it’s the media sniffing habbit of hers she’s killing her brain cells. Apparently it kills 1% of brain cells each time. It doen’t affect me I only have one left.

-You sniff the media before buying it.

(Shouldn’t this one be in the games up section?)


That’s a good point. :iagree:




Damn, blast, ****, ****, ****, and *******, there goes my post count, I shold have kept my mouth shut :bigsmile: