You helped me fix my problem. THANKS!


I stumbled across while searching for a solution to a problem I was having with my DVD writer and CD-Rom drives. Both quit working when I uninstalled Nero express. One of you had posted (can’t remember who now) a web site at Microsoft which gave me the correct information to fix my problem.

So thanks again. You have a great site. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum; Glad you found the help you needed from one of the members here. Members helping members what makes this forum so great. Before long you will be helping with someones problem.

It would be beneficial to other members if you fully explain your problem and the fix you got to resolve it, so others with similar difficulty can get the solution.

Ok fair enough. As I said both of my drives quit working after I uninstalled Nero Express. The suggestion was that one should go to the following Microsoft web site. . I did and followed the instructions and used the “guided help”. It did it’s thing and I rebooted and the drives worked again.

I then decided to enter the error code number, found thru the control panel/systems/hardware/device manager/dvd/cd-rom/properties window, into the microsoft support web site and it got me to the same site. How simple but so hard!

Thank you for sharing the information and your experience with us.

It’s always nice to hear that CDF helped someone fix a problem :iagree:…glad the problem’s fixed :smiley:

i bet it was me :slight_smile: , i posted that link alot recently , anyway good to know ive been helpfull :smiley: