You guys like this Thermal CD Printer?

I found this in-expensive Thermal DVD / CD Printer at

It’s the TEAC P-11 Thermal Printer for only $119 and it will print on most any blank media. I’m only wanting this because I want to backup my entire music collection so I can listen to copies and store my original CDs.

I’m not interested in fancy pictures and graphics, just the name of the band and listing the songs that are on the disc.

Any comments on this choice in thermal printers?
Think this brand and model will do OK for what I need?

If any of you know of a comparable model that does better at a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanx!

I use the Casio CW-50 disk title printer. It goes for anywhere from $50 - $100 depending on where you get it. I used eBay for mine.

You get 50 prints on the $7.00 cartridge, compared to 200 on the Teac $45.00 cartridge.

These things don’t do fancy work, but are great for labeling my CD/DVD discs… I’ve done about 4,000 discs over the past couple of years with no problems. I always use the taiyo-yuden shiny silver discs, or T-Y white thermal discs with excellant results. Never use “branded” discs, as you won’t be happy with the look.

Good luck with whatever you decide…

The product description of the TEAC P-11 Thermal Printer claims to be able to print in all areas of the CD, instead of limited areas which is supposed to be all the Casio CW-50 can do.

Is this right?

I wanted to be able to list the songs on the CD, in addition to listing the artist.

Sorry, that was wrong… :doh:

It’s the Primera Signature Z1 DVD and CD Printer that claims to be able to print in all areas of a CD ( )

This one is $147, and the cart is $19.99
Reckon this one be allright up in there like dat?