You guys know mercury is dangerous, right?



cause these guys didnt -


Exposure to even small amounts of mercury over a long period may cause negative health effects, including damage to the brain

Seems some don’t even need mercury for brain damage :slight_smile:


Perfect response.


mmmmmm… mercury… is that that liquid metal?


“mmmmmm… mercury… is that that liquid metal?”

yes, I think it expands as it gets hot?


It is cool to play with though.


i no… we arnt aload it in school though :frowning:


Yeh, i got a chance to play with it recently…but i’ve never been the same since…something about having to wear rubber gloves…? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t say that I didn’t. :slight_smile:

I do recall the propanganda from many industries in australia hinting that incredibly high levels in the fish caught in waterways around their industrial sites were both naturally ocurring & nothing to worry about.

Bah! What does the World Health Organisation know about safe levels of incredibly toxic substances!


In the 1930`s, a common salve for killing lice, at least here in Norway, contained mercury.
It was simply called “mercury salve”. :eek:

I have this firsthand, from my uncle, who got lice in school, and used it! He is 77 years old now, so I guess he was not poisoned. :bigsmile:


Nasty, that’ll teach em to play with Mercury :slight_smile:


I think mercury is a great topping for chips :wink:
But it really should come in a dip :iagree:


I think I remember playing with some when I was young, or was that when I was old… or… what was I talking about??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: