You guys are gonna curse me and crucify me...but heres my q about Qscan

Alright i down on time…so im ruining the rourm etiquitte…
I just ran a Qscan, it says my media is not suitable for burning due to a abnormally high FE (focus error)…
Should ignore this and still use the same disc…or return it?

why not just burn @ lower speed?

I would ignore it. QScan only estimates burn quality. You will get the actual burn quality after you burn the disk.

I wonder about the same thing!
QScan tells me that i cannot safely burn verbatim 16x DVD-R (mcc 03rg20) at any speed (from 2.4 to 16) on my BenQ 1640. i used to different sets that i obtained from 2 totally different sources, so i don’t think it’s a bad batch (they are both made in taiwan though).
the results are alright though, but they seem not to be as good as those as other people get with the same burner/media combination.

i have not tried other media yet, i start to wonder whether the burner may not be alright…

so what are your experiences with qscan?

Qscan is pretty reliable IME. It’s been right every time I’ve used it so far.