You gonna get Longhorn?

I’m just wondering how many of you guys are gonna run out and buy Windows Longhorn when it comes out?

Can we please keep this from becoming a Microsoft bashing thread?

not gonna buy/get/use it at all for a multitude of reasons…but you said don’t bash MS so i’ll leave it at that.

I’m probably gonna use it, just to see how it looks/works, but I’m not gonna buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you Namoh. Let me know when you get your hands on that trial version.

I just got back from a Microsoft confernce and it will be at leat 2 years before Longhorn comes out. The next release will be called Windows server 2003 RC2. This is schedule for this year. After Longhorn, there will go 2 years and they will release Longhorn RC2.

lol…hopefully i’ll be deft at Linux by then…

I have Longhorn 4074 Beta now, but yes, I will buy it when it comes out.

Ben :slight_smile:

Ooooh, aren’t you special. You mean you beta test for Microsoft and they won’t even give you a real copy for free when it comes out? That’s ridiculous.

So how do you like it? Or are you not allowed to comment?

I guess I’ll probably get it eventually, I’ll wait at least a year or so though while they iron out some of the major bugs. Unless video card manufacturers work out how game developers can easily make multi-OS games in which case I’d consider switching over to Linux completely.

I downloaded the trial from BitTorrent, and the beta is little more than Windows XP with a slightly different skin.

I guess that your comment was pointed at me. First, Im no beta tester for MS. If you are a MCSE then you can come to confernce about what is, what´s to come, and what´s new. If you want to be a beta tester, then you can apply on their site.

And what if I go to a confernce? I think that I should know what´s, how and why I should invest company money into something I know nothing about. There´s nothing special about it unless you feel left out? Im just doing my homework nothing else so please dont judge something that you dont know anything about.

Your tone can be left out.

Im just passing on the information. :iagree:

Settle down Brantdk. I was actually directing it at bcn_246 and I was KIDDING.

Of course I will get it when its finished. Looks pretty too.

From what I’ve heard till now: no. Too little changes. I will continue to use XP for my gaming needs :slight_smile:

no , i dont feed sharks :slight_smile:

i dont plan on spending that much $$ on a video card or ram in order to run an OS. especially when every feature about it that was interesting is being dropped in order to make a q1 2007 release.

I think he was taking the piss of my pro-MS post :cool:

longhorn aint all that from everything i’ve read.

From a proffessional point of view, I think I’ll have to use it. As I’m a software engineer it’s very likely I’ll be developing software for the Windows platform. For personal use, I have my doubts. There are always some programs that can’t be used or replaced on Linux or with Linux equivalents. I prefer to use Linux though (as it’s now). Maybe if it’s possible (because of hardware support etc) I’ll switch over to Linux and use Windows in some virtual machine.

From what I know about Longhorn I think I’ll find it the worst Windows version ever. The overdone GUI (yes I am a console junkie), WinFS (whenever that will be added), TPM and more…


From what I understand at the MS meeting today, the biggest changes will be for the server platform. More effect communciations between domains, easier administration of AD stuff like that.

MS doesnt talk much about Workstations at these things. I think that it will be a good enprovement compare to server 2000/2003 but workstation will be different. I like the NFS file system, this looks like a major change. This will be the first time MS goes away from NTFS. Lets wait and see.