You did it: Macrovision ceases development of audio copy protection



I just posted the article You did it: Macrovision ceases development of audio copy protection.

The Dutch sister organisation of the RIAA (the NVPI) has posted on their website a few days ago that the last record company has ceased copy protecting their CD’s against digital copies. Which means…

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“According to Billboard magazine, the reason the companies are no longer using copy protections IS because the COST, of the technology, DOES NOT WEIGH up against the results. The companies, also, fear problems with the playback of the CD’s in computers.” Just wanted to point out some issues with your article.


If this is true and continues to be true, it’s the best news all day! :slight_smile: There are so many CDs I have refused to buy just because of copy protection - not because I couldn’t circumvent the copy protection if I wanted to, but because I would then have to pay for the privilege of doing something that is just as illegal as stealing the CD from the shop (according to current Danish law). I listen to ripped music from my CDs far more than I listen to the actual CDs themselves - it’s far more convenient to have to tracks on the PC and in my mp3 player. But that’s illegal for copy-protected CDs where I live. :frowning:


Wow! Finally some common (or business) sence in this case. If this is all true I will start buying CDs again. Makes me feel proud that because of our posts and reactions the industry is changing. I believe that one of their hidden motives was to stop feeding protection hackers. which is a good thing as they can now concentrate entirely an AACS :wink:


I don’t think the industry is changing at all. They just gave up on this form of protection for now. Trust me, they will find another way to protect their so called digital rights bs.


I have long since chanted the mantra that the customer is God. This proves it. All we have to do is flex OUR muscles.