You copy an original game, does the protection remain on it?

I’ve copied an already copied CD-R of Delta Force BHD (SecuROM new with Nero on the fly. I just want to ask, when you copy an original game, does the protection remains on it? I’ve read that this version of securom new it’s unbeatable and even a copied CD-R is difficult to be copied again.


First a couple of things:

  1. Need an answer is not a very good topic. Try to give us more info about your question.
  2. I don’t think this was the appropiate forum to post to. I personally might have tried the general software forum because copying is software related. Mods may disagree.

Anyway, in answer to your question, if copied 1:1 then the protection remains in tact. Ive read that it is near impossible to copy a copy (there are ways around this, you could burn the image of the game on another cd, etc.). Plus, Nero probably isn’t the best software to try to copy a copy with, better choices would be Clonecd, Alcohol, Blindwrite, etc. These softwares are specifically designed for 1:1, where as nero is designed for premastering.

Another thing, im not sure nero could copy it with the protection, are you sure it isn’t a cracked version?:cop: Hope not, we don’t allow cracks and illegal things to be discussed here. Did you make sure to read our forum rules?

i agree that this might not be the appropriate forum since it’s not specific to any burning program, altho i could also be wrong.

I’ve read that this version of securom new it’s unbeatable and even a copied CD-R is difficult to be copied again.

if it’s unbeatable, u wouldn’t have been able to make a copy in the first place, rite? :wink:

See here or here.

sure the protection remains on it as long as you do a 1:1 copy. You didn’t crack it i hope because thats illegal …:cop:

I said the game was already copied. I don’t know if the guy that gave it to me, made a 1:1 clone or cracked it. That’s why I am asking you guys.
Nero reported that the CD is copyrighted. Also clony xxl v. reported SecuROM new You said that the protection remains on 1:1 copy. BUT how the hell did I copy it with nero. Maybe it was cracked and the protection was wrongly reported by these progs. Don’t know what to say! :confused:

And…I know the rules :a . I don’t make illegal copies :Z :Z :Z[B]

sorry bud, but your friend made an illegal copy. and he gave it to you. it didnt become legal in that transition?

I must agree with ckin2001, that we are probably talking about an illegal copy here.

If so, as you know, this question is not allowed here, so I will close this thread.

If you think I’m mistaking here (because you actually do own an original copy or whatsoever), please notifiy me by PM.