You can't copy protect your own DVDs!



[quote=coolcolors;2238082]I have yet to see this happen as chef said
"This will never work, sad but true. "

Only way I see this made impossible is the cd/dvd games protection that is the only protection that is currently no possible to backup or copy or duplicate. If news reading is right 321 studios was given the court paper to stop making their software and the judge enforced the MPAA judgment. So 321 is no longer for sale. So I don’t think 321 no longer works on newer DVD movies.[/quote]

It works on most discs even to this day. DVD protection has not changed much since them. There have been a few companies like SONY that do crazy things every once in awhile, which it probably can’t duplicate. But I tried a couple of 2008 and 2009 releases and it copied each one.


I’m not promoting DRM as I think it’s a big waste of time but I’ll provide the info. If mods dislike my post feel free to yank it.

Anyone can do it for about $2.00 a disc. It’s not as hard or as expensive as you might think.

Just go to and sign up as a video distributer, they’ll give you a link to their software.

It’s the FluxDVD DRM which like any CP is not 100%, AnyDVD will remove it and other apps. Why anyone wants to protect home made DVD-Rs is beyond me? But it works to stop n00bs.


[QUOTE=Robertoy;2017890]Someone already tested a homemade copy protection in DVD-R video based on:

CGMS (one copy is allowed) + DVD-RW CPRM media + DVD-R CPRM media?

[U]CGMS[/U] is like [U]SCMS[/U] for CDs, it’s just a copy managment “flag” that is dependent on the software respecting it, most software ignore it so it’s useless.

[U]CPRM[/U] doesn’t work w/ DVDV (DVD Video) format, it only works with DVD VR format that most players can’t even play. It is by 4C and is like [U]CPPM[/U] for DVDA so yes it will work but no one can play the discs so it’s pointless.