You can use shadow copies in Windows 8.1, but it takes a few steps



Hi there,

Want to re-enable shadow copies in Windows 8.1?
It can be done, but it takes a few steps.

First download this zip file.

If you don’t want to download it from that source, you can also seperately download the powershell script here. (You will need to copy/paste it) and download Shadow Explorer 0.9 right here.

Here’s the process:

1: Put shadowc.bat and ShadowCopy.psm1 in the created folder C:\Program Files\Windows Powershell\Modules\ShadowCopy

2: Open an admin command prompt and execute powershell. Type set-executionpolicy remotesigned followed by enter. Close the command prompt.

3: Create a scheduled task running shadowc.bat however you see fit. Use user SYSTEM. Execute the task. Note the time and date.

4: Install and run ShadowExplorer-0.9-setup.exe. Check if you have a shadowcopy present by checking the time and date.

If you want you can edit shadowc.bat for other drive letters or other purging parameters of course.


I use a sheduled task that runs the bat(ch) file whenever the computer starts up and from there on every four hours forever.

This is by no means a backup! It can save you from small mistakes like deleting a file or folder or something.

Technically you do not require ShadowExplorer at all. You can also use \localhost\C$ to retrieve your shadow copies. The major annoyance with this method is that you are required to check the properties of each and every file or folder if you want to restore some things.


Forgot to post the contents of shadowc.bat:

powershell invoke-ShadowCopy C: 7

That’s it :slight_smile: