You can give some advice about a very good scanner even it was expensive (no epson)

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I’m here again to ask if anybody can help me. i’m sorry to be a boring guy :o but i’ve a good (i thought) Epson 4940 scanner and i was very happy with it. :bigsmile: But, after using it during seven months and scanning about 300 Photos, it doesn’t work anymore. :frowning: As it was under guaranty, i returned it to the shop for repairing. Two months after, I received the scanner but it arrived with lots of problems. As the reparation was very bad, i demanded a new one for replacement, but they told me they can’t replace the scanner… only can repair it again! It means for me… Epson never more!!! At least while i stay in Portugal… :a

This is the reason i´m asking if you can give some advice about a very good scanner even it was expensive, but, please don´t be Epson…

Another thing is about CD and DVD media. Everybody knows what is the best media to use: Tayio Yuden, Verbatim and so on… But i don’t know enough about media supporting light scribe thecnologie. Would you please tell me what are the best media (CD and DVD) supporting this thecnologie?

And, finally, the last question: I’d like to buy some external HD 400GB or 500GB to keep my old photos. Have you any idea which will be the better one for this purpose?

Thank you very much for your kind. :bow:

New stuff will go bad once in a while before it should. Thats just the way it is. I bought an HP scanner that I use all the time, for like 4 years and never had a problem but that doesnt mean that someone else will not. Just get one that suits your needs. Usually the more you pay the more you get. I use Verbatim lightscribe disks & never had any problems. As you have already read. Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden rules. Hard disks,
just try to get 7200 RPM & stay with name brands. I use western digital external drive & no problems. Happy hunting.

Not sure what the equivilent models are over there (if they are different), but Microtec makes some very nice scanners (if you are looking for upper-mid to high end). They offer legal sized scanning area (8.5in. x 14in.). The ScanMaker i800 series and i900 have recieved near perfect reviews, but they are not cheap, starting at about US $400.00.

For hard drives, Western Digital and Seagate are probably your best bet. Personaly, if you have good places to buy from, I would get internal drives and external enclosures. This means if something happens, you can open up the case and install the drive internally to troubleshoot and possibly recover data without voiding the drives warranty. If you are just using the external drives to store data, you don’t have to worry about cooling much since they won’t be on for extended periods of time. If you use the drives for editing and such, then I would recommend one like the AMS Venus series (for 3.5in. devices). as it includes an 80mm cooling fan that is nearly silent.

Re: Epson. My Perfection 1200S has been working perfectly for the last 5 years - I only recently replaced it with a Lexmark All-in-one.

It’s the only scanner I ever used, so I can’t recommend anything else.

For Lightscribe discs - Verbatim make them in both CD-R and DVD-/+R flavours.

Hard drives…I’d probably go Seagate again. :slight_smile:

I recently got a Canon 4200F. Not expensive , has some good reviews & seems to work well. It’s got a built in negative film holder & the software supplied does these negatives well.

[B]Top value HD[/B] would probably be the Trekstor since you are in Portugal…400GB for €170 in the shops…ebay may be cheaper. Maybe it´sw not number one rated, but if you are not gonna overwork it, it should do the job well. I´ve got 4 Trekstors and never had a problem, whereas the Maxtor I once had developed very weird problems and under guarantee I got my money back!
Seagate and MyBook in this size are about €100 more.

[B]Scanner[/B]…for photos: Get the Canon 4200. Perfect.

Good luck

Glad someone else thinks I made a good choice.

Dears Liquidmagic, Skith, Arachne, TimC and deanimator:

To all of you my deepest gratitude! Helping who needs, fellows like you, make the life better.

Just for your information:

i could not found any Microtec scanner for sale in Portugal. (No stock). But i’m very happy to let you know i’ve got a Canon 4200F at a good price (99 €).

Again, thank you very much for your help!


Good choice (the 4200)-

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