You can claw my 1640 from my cold clammy hands

Or if it dies. Whichever comes sooner.

So what’s so great about the new model Benq’s? :wink:

I have to admit that the 1640 is about the best burner I have ever owned. it rips fast and is a excellent reader.

I second that

That’s why I have so many of them! 6 to be exact! :bigsmile:

I’d say my 1650 is outperforming the old 1640 by a fair margin, at least with TYG01/TYG03 and MCC003.

So now we are divided into 1640 vs 1650/55 fans club? How about some fun competition? :wink:

Can you help me out with something please ?

Welcome to the forums, lois. Members here are more than happy to help but please describe your problem! I’m assuming you have a BenQ DW1640?

I would say BenQ 1640 is the best BenQ burner out of the BenQ lineup. And of course I would give the 1620 some credit too for its long lived reputation.

Welcome to the forum Lois, go ahead and ask your question

How about some fun competition?

I like the sound of that!

I’m in.:bigsmile:

ME too.

me too! is the 1620 included? :bigsmile:

Nice! I think we can include 1620 as long as they can compete!
Someone care to create a new thread and discuse the rules first? crossg?
I’m about to go for a couple days trip to the woods so I trust you guys!! :flower:
Quick thoughts: quality, speed, features, read and write. Maybe give weights for all these parameters.

I have both the 1640 and 1650, but I’ve used the 1650s more. Haven’t had a chance to test drive the 1640 I recently acquired yet. :wink:

So I’m straddling both sides of the fence for the moment :bigsmile:

LOL. Your lucky I can’t edit your post.:stuck_out_tongue:
I think people like Alan, Pinto, James and those that know what these drives can do should open a discussion thread and come up with some fun rules. Fun bieng the important part!!
@Arachne. Here is your chance to test out that 1640.:bigsmile:

There’s only one part of the competition where we’ll get clear results, in my opinion: 16X +R burns. There, the winner is clearly the 1650/55. :bigsmile: - but as almost nobody here burns 16X +R @16X:wink:

For the rest, in my experience my 1640/BSLB had a slight edge over my 1650/BCFC with several MIDs, but the margin is hardly significant in my book.


I would join 'cept I xflashed my 1640 to an EW164B (a move I have [B]never[/B] regretted-eh!


I never got a 99 score in CDSpeed with my 1640, I’ve gotten several with my 1655 using the dreaded “H” firmware no less!!

Hehe, good point…my 1640’s been crossflashed to an EW164B as well. :wink: