You are invited!

I just posted the article You are invited !.

Today we have decided to join a project to see if we can match up with some other big sites. From our Help, done by BadToBone:

CD Freaks, the power of United Burners’s refers to the CDFreaks RC5…

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Sounds great but what’s in it for us users of your site

downloading it right now…


It will give you the satisfaction that your PC is doing something usefull and The lil Cow icon is soooo cute to look at.

Why join the CDFreaks team?
The DPC (Dutch Power Cows), RC-5 team of , stands on 1 for already 4 days!
So join the DPC!

I agree with ‘the Anhilated’. The Dutch Power Cows are a Dutch team that are doing great! We are the number 1 Dutch team and all Dutch pc’s should join us.

if you win you get $$$$$

Yea well the one team is bigger than the other and if you want to join a team thats at number 1 then do so, but it’s far more fun in my opinion to join a team that’s starting out and watching it grow. If there was only 1 or 2 teams it would be boring.

Of course everyone is entitled to do what they want and no one is forcing you to to anything you don’t want to do.

Why join us ?

First of all, not all our visitors are Dutch, second we would like to show other sites the power of United burners and other CD loving people ! It’s challenge, and we are not afraid to face it.

I vote for supporting CDFREAKS We are all happy for the site so lets join in together and make this one count !!!