*** You Are All Mad ***

You DO NOT NEED to alter anything at all to copy episodes.


You DO NOT NEED to alter anything at all to copy episodes.

  1. Rip the FULL Disk in “FILE” mode.
  2. Process as normal using “FULL DISK” Option.
  3. Done!

TRY IT and see!

I have done many, many DVD’s with episodes:-

Cold Feet, Men Behaving Badly, CSI etc. etc. NEVER had a problem!

TRY IT and see!



We all know that my friend, that’s why there hasn’t been a post here, on this subject, since 6th April.

You are obviously new to Dvd20ne, but just for you, I can tell you that earlier versions of Dvd20ne, didn’t have the facility to do a “Full Disk” copy.

Do try to keep up, I am wondering who is the mad one

This is of course an option if quality isn’t your objective.

I’ve posted that ages ago…

the limited thing about it is that you can only filter the audio and that’s it !! if the dvd has some extra, you can’t remove it you have to live with it!! the extra’s will make you loose some quality, as lichtgestalt said. You will not be able to choose your subtitles, I know that it doesn’t effect the space that much, but I love to filter them !!

so it’s a good way to back up but not the best way yet…

Fortunately most tv Box sets have the extras on the last disk and mostly just the episodes on the others