Yippie! Another DVD/CD format!



SunnComm has announced a new hybrid DVD/CD format called DVCD. With this new format, people will be able to access CD content stored on a DVD just as if they had an actual CD inserted into their computer.
SunnComm International (Other OTC:SCMI.PK - News), creator of MediaMax™ enhancement and content protection technology, is pleased to introduce an innovative new patent-pending technology dubbed ``DVCD™’’ that builds upon several current features within SunnComm’s MediaMax product.

The widespread use of MediaMax on commercial music CDs from the world's top-selling artists is a testament to the acceptance of our technology by the entertainment industry as well as CD buyers,'' declared Peter Jacobs, president of SunnComm.Building on that leadership position, SunnComm has developed a pioneering new format called DVCD (DVD+CD).

``This extraordinary new commercial home entertainment product and technological breakthrough will give the record labels and their artists, movie and TV studios, concert producers, music video directors and home entertainment distributors added opportunities when vying for the consumers’ entertainment dollar. DVCD, developed by SunnComm International, is currently undergoing testing and will allow DVD authors to include full-fidelity CD music and other related video and graphic digital content within their DVD projects or titles without requiring the more expensive alternatives such as DualDisc™, DVDPlus technology or the need to include an additional physical CD in the package along with the DVD.’’
If you’d like to read more about SunnComm’s new DVCD format, their entire press release can be found here.

To be honest … I don’t think we need this. :disagree:


I’m sure such a new technique will also bring some new issues to the market, eh, the consumers. We will seeeeee…


One question pops in my mind: why?


One answer pops in my mind $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Yeah, surely. But this “system” is based on $. No doubt about that.