Yet another "Which drive" thread



Hi all, I’m looking forward to buy a new burner that will replace my dead 52x Asus CD-Rom. Sadly I can’t decided which burner to choose -

  1. NEC 3250
  2. Benq 1620
  3. LG 4163B
  4. Pioneer 109
  5. Hold on

I will be doing Windows files, movies, games, PS2, pictures, music, almost evertything backups… And I would like it to burn fast and do it in class.

So which one I should choose? And what are the strong points of every burner?

BTW - What are RIPLOCK, Regions/Region Free, PI/PIF scanning, sheep and bitsetting?

Thanks in advance,


you can’t go wrong with either one.I use 3520 and it works great.No probs whatsoever.
Riplock is when a drive is set to read at a certain speed(from the factory).Usually 4x to 6x max…slooow(dvd’s).
Sheep burners are terminology to certain burners that can rip harder copy protections than others burners.there is a 1 and 2 sheep burner.2 is best.
Dvd’s around the world have regions set in each pressed dvd.US is region 1.If your burner is a region 1 burner and you have say a …region 3 disc,it won’t read it.Some drives can be set to region free or you can use AnyDvd or Dvd RegionKiller to make it region free also.
PI/PIF scanning scans discs to see how good the burn was.If you burn a disc at too high a speed,it could have a high error rate and the disc could be unplayable on a standalone dvd player…Firmware updates for the drive sometimes improve writing for higher speeds.


for what you want, i just can tell that the nec3520 is ok.
Maybe not the best “burn quality”, but perfectly readable by everything.

about the dvr-109, just be aware that there will be problems if you try some xbox backup

with the benq i read some people having troubles with ps2 backup, nothing perfectly clear about that, so i’ll stay away from this one for ps2, even if this one is supposed to have the best “burn quality”. It may or may not work with ps2, it is a risk.

bitsetting is a feature on dvd burner that allow to flag DVD+R / +RW or dual layer +R as -R, or something like that, so that there is more compatibility with home dvd reader or other stuff that usually reads -R. The Dvr-109 does not have this feature.

PI error => we enter the realm of “burn quality”, … you should parse forums for that. Know that a burned dvd can have more or less PI errors depending on the media and the burner, but can still be perfectly readable (unless the number of error is too high).


So forget about Console backups, 100% PC is my purposes. Any changes now?


The LG and the Pioneer are the only drives you listed which are 2 sheep CD burners. Plextor is also a 2 sheep burner. My benq will not read/write copy protected cd’s, and neither will the NEC. The BENQ is probably the best DVD burner, but all the burners you list will burn quality dvd’s.


It’s not on your list but is on mine, Lite-On 1673 !!!