Yet another Sony DW-D56A problem

Hi all,
So, here’s yet another Sony DW-D56A burner that doesn’t wanna burn. Sigh!

So far i tried everything i could, turned off filters, uninstalled burning software, updated firmware, etc.

But nothing seems to help. The problem seems to be that my computer cannot recognize the empty DVDs i put in it. Nor does it recognize empty CDs, but plays normal CDs and “to some degree” DVDs. With “to some degree” i mean, it usually plays them, but they always make out some wierd sound and then after a little while (10 secs maybe) it recognizes, and starts reading.

When i put in the empty discs, that wierd sound comes again, it sounds kind of like the drive reads a little bit and then stops spinning and sorta like “lacks”. Hard to explain.

I’m sick and tired of not being able to burn anything and having nothing but trouble with this piece of crap drive. I’m not sure if the drive is actually physically broken, but i doubt it.

Any help is appreciated!

Hopeful regards,

Hi altschuler and Welcome to CDFreaks. Moved this thread to the Sony DVD Burner forum.:slight_smile:

Oh, oops… didn’t know that one excisted :wink:

No one got any ideas here?