Yet another SD3/4 question

G’day folks, I’ve got a database program that uses SafeDisc 3/4.

A-Ray Scanner - possible 3.20
Protection_ID - possible 3.20-4.xx

I’ve created a backup using both Alcohol & BW5, that work if I use an ATIP hider, (Alcohol’s in this case), on both my LG GSA-4081B and LiteOn SOHC-5232K, (loads within seconds).

This program is going to be used on my wife’s computer, (LiteOn JLMS 166S & 24102B), on which there is no ATIP hiding software and I don’t intend to clutter it up with Alcohol or CloneCD.
It doesn’t seem to work in the 166S, (and obviously not the 24102B).

Question, are there any standalone ATIP hiders that I could use to get it to work?

Or, is there some way to force BW5 to provide Autoplay info so I can install the standalone auto_play program?


Can’t you just install Autoplay or am I not understanding the question?

I’ve tried that, Autoplay doesn’t seem to have any kind of ATIP hide function.


Autoplay does have a ATIP function.

Then I can only say that it doesn’t work very well, (if at all).

The copy doesn’t work in either of my drives, (BW5.2.9 is installed, as is Autoplay v6), but it will work if I enable Alcohol’s "Hide ATIP’ function.

Just in case the two programs are conflicting, I tried it without Alcohol installed.

The BW5 image is good, it will load into DaemonTools and the program will run without any form of DaemonTools emulation.

I’ve tried re-installing AutoPlay v6 - the image should be automatically tagged for autoplay since it needs an ATIP hider, (being SD3+).

The only way around it at the moment that I’ve found is mounting a mini-image, (<2MB), run the program, the unmount the image whereupon it goes looking for the data CD’s in a normal drive.

But it would be a lot nicer if Autoplay worked.


Here CD 1986 has a good idea! It may be Blacklisted tho, give it a try!

:iagree: Give it a go :iagree:

Tried it - but as the last poster in the thread has said, ‘You need CloneCD installed.’, you can hardly call it ‘standalone’ in that case.

AFAIK, there are no standalone ATIP hiders - unless Autoplay can be made to work - a simple indicator that it’s working would be a bonus, (trayicon, etc).