Yet another SafeDisk 2/1 question

Okay, My Burner ( LG GCE-8160b ) can burn safedisk 2 I have on several ocasions, however They are only sucessfull when I enable Hardware fast error skip correction. If i use software it reads alot faster but only works in the writer… if i use hardware it takes twice as long (around 40mins) but works in all CD-Roms I have tried. Is this normal? This happens with both safedisk 1 and 2 protecions.

What Titles have you backedup with SD1 and SD2 protection?

Safedisk2: Fifa 2002, Comandos 2
Safedisk1: Dungeon Keeper 2, Nba Live 2000

Try Max Payne??

Nah, But I heard it can do that game too… It can copy all safedisk 2 games as far as I know

Its strange that an LG can do CORRECT EFM ENCODING thats all because the clone cd site says that it cant…


Clone Hardware Admins are testing the LG. They have two - one will, one won’t do SD2, the difference is the model number which is not clear on North American retail boxes. The GCE model can & the CED can’t, simple as that. Too many GCE owners are reporting success, with known SD2 titles, to be ignored. The new 24x TEAC 524 also came through SD2 testing with flying colours, but neither are listed on the website (yet).

The new Yammy 24x can produce SD2 backups that, work in the burner only, but this is with titles with no ATIP check - patch Max payne and you’ve got an expensive paperweight. This Yammy is, however, fantastic for audio.

The LG works best with FES settings of “Hardware & zero” - most burners do and make good use the EFM lookup table (ECC) & EDC encoded on the chipset. Using “software” sometimes finds errors that aren’t there or adds ‘errors’ that aren’t there (it’s less perfect than “hardware”). Using “none” is a sure fire way of making a coaster because it will transfer encoded errors onto the backup.

Well that was an informative piece of info :slight_smile:

Thanx for the info :slight_smile: