Yet another Power Calibration prob - I tried everything though(?)

Hey everyone, I’ll cut straight to the chase:

Few days ago I moved my pc, then formatted it with WinXP x64. Everything works great apart from the dvd recording, where I cannot pass the first mark and get ‘Power Calibration Error’ all the time. I have a Nec 7173-A, and casually burn TY 16x +R disks. I have burned about 30 of them in the past without a single problem, as well as couple more brands.
Here is the things I tried, but didnt help me:

-Disabled IMAPI cd burning service.
-Tried Nero 7, Nero 8, Roxio 10. All the same problem.
-Tried different media, TY 16x +R (4 disks), Fujifilm 4x -R, TY Premium 4x +R.
-Opened up the drive’s case a bit and lightly cleaned the lens. (Couldnt open it fully and didnt want to force it.)
-Flashed the drive to the latest firmware by Dee (with bitsetting), then flashed it to the latest original firmware.
-Tested the drive on a different pc with x86 XP, same problem.

One more note, it burns CD’s no prob and reads ofc.
I have all latest windows updates.
Please, help me if you think I might have missed something. Even though drives are piss cheap nowadays, I’d rather save every penny at this period of time. Any advice will be highly appreciated.

ever try burning with Imgburn

Noone has any more ideas ? =S

Tested the drive on a different pc with x86 XP, same problem.

I would think that would indicate that your drive may be bad. Are all your connections seated correctly?

Yeah, it’s plugged alright. I just wonder how it could get bad from on day to another, not like I mistreated it.

Hey, I’m giving this one last shot in case anyone has anything more to suggest. Thanks in advance for your time.