Yet another Panny DMR E55 recording problem

Hi thanks for looking in had my recorder a couple of years now not done much recording on it tbh.I’ve been trying to put some stuff onto disk from the camcorder,but for some reason it’ll let me do some and then i’ll stop it and fast forward the camcorder to the next bit i need,press record on the dvdrecorder and the thing shuts down and starts the self check.Anyone else had this problem before if so how did you fix it,this is the worst player i’ve ever had tbh.I’m getting that mad with it i feel like ripping it out and binning it,by the way i’ve found some 4 speed disks i’ve had a while so i’m using these and have done in the past with no problems

bad media? what are you using?

Thanks for the reply m8,i’m using 4 speed ridiscs i’ve always used them on this machine and never had any problems with them

Have you run the firmware update? The firmware information includes improved compatibility for 8X and 16X media. There is usually a notice included with 16X DVD spindles advising purchasers to run firmware updates.

I downloaded a update but it says unsupported on the dvd player,well i think i downloaded the right update

Just tried this again to upgrade the firmware but says disk uncompatible using a datewrite cdr

The firmware update is from Panasonic’s American site. There doesnt seem to be any firmware updates on the UK site. The US sourced firmware may not be compatible with the UK machines as they are PAL.

Any thoughts on this

The first time I attempted to run the firmware I got this message. I probably made a mistake when I created the CD.

I went back to the instructions on the Panasonic website.

First, you must exactly follow the instructions for creating the firmware CD.

Second, you must exactly follow the instructions for installing the firmware on your Panasonic.

The second CD I made–exactly following the Panasonic instructions and exactly following the installation instructions–was sucessful.