Yet another mafia prob

I backed up all 3 copies using the sd2 no aws profile, 4x read and write, and hide cdr media on and all went well. After I installed mafia from all 3 cd’s and tried to play it, it asked for the cd. Any help on this? Same thing happened on Madde 2003 but all I had to do was change the drive letter in the registry… dont know if thats the same or where to fix that for mafia.

P3 750
Rebagged liteon 16102b
Winxp pro sp1 installed
Geforce 3 TI
512 megs ram

I don’t know about Madden 2003. But I backuped Mafia with my LTR-24102B using the No AWS profile and it works like a charm. What kind of burner do you have?

BTW, I always read and write at max. It always works anyway.

Rebagged liteon 16102b
Are you sure you have the 16102b model and not the 16101b model? The latter cannot write SafeDisc 2 properly. The first model can without the use of AWS.

Yea I have a 16102b which according to Clone - Down & Dirty Pt 1 post is a sd2 killer. Its weird as Gta3 went without a hitch both cd’s and medal of honor.

Could there be new version of SafeDisc 2 that the old 16102B can’t handle?
I don’t know what version of SafeDisc 2 uses, but maybe it uses 2.8 and your burner can’t handle that version. :confused:

From what I have read, people have been saying that they have had more difficulty burning games with XP Service Pack 1. Now I haven’t had a chance to test it myself. Does anybody agree with my statement or am I making up a bunch of trash?

Tried it, for a few days, took it back off and reformatted my drive.
As I was getting some problems, nothing to serious, but computer seem to take longer to boot up, and plus the fact that it put everthing on from it’s update site. even stuff I would not choose to put on myself, like it’s CD Burning Patch, which I find causes problems with burning…:a

Well if thats the case ill pop into my 98 machine and try to burn. I read in a post above and seems its a big issue… hope its just sp1 tho.