Yet another Lite-on question

According to this article, Read Me , it says that Lite-on’s tech support sucks. My question is, have any of you all had a need to call tech support for any of their products?

I ask, because I am helping a friend put together a system and I will recommend a Lite-on as per most of the qualified users here.


I have never used the Lite-ON Tech Support !

I have never had the need to use Lite-ON tech support since my Lite-ON burner works 24/7/365 !

I sent them an email about 10 days ago
no reply yet!

if the language isn’t written in korean yhan u have wait a bit longer hehe >:)

If the Lite On It company is doing so well they ought to invest some money in their web site, it’s extremely slow when its up, and sometimes it’s non-existant. I hope that it’s not indicative of poor support overall, but…

I just got mine in. I had a few burning programs that didnt detect it so I uninstalled everything in win2k Advanced Server and I also uninstalled a few other things. I then installed the Nero 5 CD. At one point it gave me a warning ( and in no way does this software say its compatible with Win2000 AS) but i ignored and installed anyway.

Results = Reinstallation of windows in diffrent directory to keep my current files.

I went ahead again with clean installation of Win2kAS and everything works well. Had a few other problems that were niether burner or software related. They were fixed in device manager. Ive burnt in last 2 days bout 30 CDs averaging 3 min a piece. 4 1/2 min max 2 1/2 min min depending on size.

Im so far extremly happy with the burner and think my installation problem was possibly do to uninstallation of software non related to this item that may have removed files that were needed for boot.

I would trust that all the tech support you may need are easily fixed by actually doing the trouble shooting your self or on this and other bbs’s. I have had many drives and never needed tech support for them.

Im running old K6-2 500 with 256+128 PC-100 memory and P5S-VM asus MB. very ancient system that has no problem with modern CD-Rom. My guess is youll be very happy with it.

For the first time it takes longer to install games then burn them onto disk. Upgraded from 4X4X24 Mitsumi drive and man what a diffrence.

Use for you purchase.

I emailed them and they suck. Dont ever buy a SOHD 167T.

This is their response to an email

[B]Dear Sir,

I am sorry this drive is a dvdrom drive which doesn’t bundled
any burning software.[/B]

That was support!

I requested an rma for my 411s and received an rma the next day and shipped it to liteon and received a new 411s 2 weeks later.

What’s your point?

It’s a DVDrom that only reads :stuck_out_tongue:
What was your question?

I called them on the phone to request an RMA for an 811s. They answered the phone on the first ring. We then exchanged emails and I had the RMA number the SAME BUSINESS DAY. In my experience, this is as good as it gets.

LOL, that’s was I was asking myself.