Yet another compresson program. WHY?

So I d/l a movie and after three plus days, I find it has a “UHA” extension. So I have to d/l the program and now see it’s going to take over SIX HOURS to unzip.

Why do there have to be so many compression formats? I know I’m not terribly computer literate however it seems ZIP always worked well, then RAR came and I don’t really know how to use it that well, and now another.

I wish the P2P sites would require that if the program is compressed, it shows the compression program used so people (I) could decide if I want yet another decompression program on my HD.

Just ranting.


Q1. Why do you d/l movies?
Q2. Why do you use P2P?
Q3. Why do you rant??

Q1A: Because I can.

Q2A: Because I can and it’s easy.

Q3A: Because I am frustrated.

I’m not familiar with a ‘UHA’ filetype, but generally these new compression formats come along for improved efficiency, meaning smaller file sizes. It’s really the same as asking ‘why did MPEG4 come along, MPEG2 works’, or ‘why did PNG come along, GIF/TIFF/BMP/etc works’. Because it’s more efficient. Same reason why RAR came along, improvements over ZIP. And then .7z came along, which improves upon either of those, especially when you’re compressing large numbers of files within an archive. It’s a pain in the ass to use at times though, as it can take a long time to compress, and to extract even one small file from an archive can potentially take hours.

And so the end user ends up with xx number of programs to unzip files. Guess that’s the reason military use standardized bullets, etc. Think of the problems if every soldier had a different weapon firing different ammo.

But with my issue, I don’t even know how to use the new unzip program or see the video.


A 3 second search yielded the necessary information on the format and programs that can be used to extract it. - Scroll down to the bottom for external links to GUI programs for windows to work with the files. Doesn’t seem that big of a deal. Many of these archiving programs such as 7zip and WinZip support a number of different archive formats, so it’s not as if you need a different program for every single type of archive.

As I said, there’s a valid reason for why these formats are introduced. For example, if they can shrink a 1GB archive by even a 20MB over another format, then it may be a worthy replacement. 7z is efficient with many files for example, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble in most cases because of the long time involved in compression/decompression.

Actually, the problem is ignorance - - mine.

I have been in the legal field for 35+ years and when it comes to legal procedure and jargon, I know my way around it without any problems. But it’s different with computers/programs.

I got my first computer in 1977. At that time there was no such thing as “Tech support” and in fact, the guy who sold me the computer knew more about refrigerators that his store sold than computers. After four days of frustration, I gave the computer to my then girlfriend.

But despite 30-years of playing w/computers, I know little, just enough to get frustrated, that’s why I come here to seem guidance from those with the knowledge I could never hope to have.

Yes, I did the Google search and found a lot of information, but most of it was not in a language I understand. What I need is an Idiots Guide to (you name the program here). Something with a lot of screen shots and step-by-step walking me through the process with very little use of technical terms. But I couldn’t even find any tutorial on UHA and if I did, I doubt it would have been written in a language I would understand.

So I figure my best bet is to simply try to find the file in good old avi or something similar or that is zipped with WinZip.

It stops being fun at a certain point and where I am (Mexico), I can’t even find a computer club that might help me learn.

Anyway, many thanks for the input. I hold most of the people here in the highest respect for their ability to understand that which I could never hope to fathom.

Time will not stand still because you want it…

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“Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

No person can know everything well, some are artists, mechanics, surgeons, computer programmers, etc.

@Talosian What kind of personal computer did you get in 77? I put a British Sinclair kit together in 79 and thought that was about all there was out there.

My first computer was a TSR-80.

A friend of mine has one of those and he said it still works.

because of the pigeon hole principle*. no compression algorithm can compress everything. there are invariably some data files that one compression program will make larger. so you come up with another program to make those files smaller, at the same time sacrificing file sizes of other files.

*think about it this way. we have 26 letters in the English alphabet. with 50% compression you’re down to 13 letters. there’s no way you can represent every word with just 13 letters; letters you can’t represent needs to be represented so that they are fudged (lossy) or unique (lossless). Each compression method selects a different way to reduce 26 letters down to 13.