Yet another Capote/Memoirs of a Geisha problems thread

Hey guys. Ive been trolling on here for awhile so I have read up a bit on what the deal is with these titles but have yet to successfully rip/burn my back up copies. I have gone through like 4 dl discs trying to do this.

I have both DVD fab platinum(gold mode) and platinum (express mode) versions
I am using verbatim dl discs (my favorite, never had a problem with em) on Sony DRU-700 dvd burners.
I am trying to make 1:1 backup copies of both movies.

So, I have gone into settings and enabled dl writing on both express and platinum.
I then go through the wizard on platinum which tells me to copy the whole movie (the middle option if I remember correctly).
I then begin ripping and burning.
Everything seems to be going fine till about the end when I get a message that says: “Failed to write DVD 16”

What can I do to correct this error?
It is also the same when I use express mode. I get the same error.

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Since I’m not sure of proceedure around here I have another newbie question:

After popping off the email to that addy, should I expect a reply back?