Yet another burning question

I really not a noob, but my questions are noobish in nature…lol

I know in the earlier days of cd/dvd burning it was rather important to pause/stop all other app during a burn. Now that things have come a long way in optical storage…is it still as critical to close apps during a burn?
I figure it depends on the system too…I’m running a P4 2.6c @ 3.25GHz, 1000MHz FSB, 2x160GB Seagate sata drives in raid0 and a Lite-On 1213S flashed to a 1633S. The reason I ask is cuz I’m get ~1 coaster per every 10 burns…but the coaster will play with PowerDVD but not on my Philips dvp642/17. Btw…I use Ritek +R (G03-02) blank for movies. I hate having a fairly high end system and still have to shut everything down for a burn…

P.s. Accidently ordered a 50pk of Ritek +Rs with the silver face (no lines/logos)…Dvd Decrypt ids it as RICOHJPN-R01-02…are these the same or better than Ritek’s G03-02? Thx guys… :bigsmile:

When I’m burning I set it going & walk away, leaving no other apps running (eg P2P downloading) but don’t shutdown anything. Also I tend to burn only after I’ve done a fresh reboot, I find that helps. My system is not quite as powerful as yours but is still a decent spec.

i usually leave all background apps running but dont interact with the pc during the burn, aslong as youve got enough ram free and the programs you’re running arent using too much cpu power, antivirus, firewall, p2p program, daemon tools, temp monitor, winamp, is the kind of stuff thats fine to leave on. and Ricoh JPN R01/R02 is one of the best discs to be feeding your liteon

After I had built my new 'Puter had to try it out…Had 2 movies compressing and 2 burning at the same time. It works, puts a hell of a load on the PSU. It doesn’t take long to pop a cheapo 420watt psu from Frys. Popped two of them.

Im buring a back-up of Finding Nemo @ the mo. Also with MSN and WinAMP running. I have normal stuff like AV, firewall, GJ etc. Never had a failed burn.


Thanks all…

@Mr.Brownstone…Thanx for the info on these disks!! :bigsmile: I don’t know if Ritek allways uses these, if not, I ordered them from Newegg about a week ago…red pak, no cake box.

Ritek media can be either ritek media code or ricoh media code. Someone corect me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure ritek makes media for ricoh (with ricoh dye and ricoh quality control) so they probably use whatever they have more of avalable for the ritek branded stuff. If you are in the US, maxell 4x+r is almost always ricohjpnr01 as is imation 4x+r (though the imation is usally overpriced). Tdk 4x+r is often ricohjpnr01 but thier you are takeing a small risk of getting cmc which is crap (though I havent ran across any that wasn’t ricoh latlly myself).

If I’m not mistaken, ritek makes ricoh media (using ricoh dye and ricoh quality control standards). Ritek branded stuff can be ricoh or ritek media code (I’m guessing they just use whatever they have more of or something). In the US anyway, maxell and imation 4x+r is almost always ricohjpnr01 (though imation is often overpriced). Tdk 4x+r is also often ricohjpnr01 but with the tdk you take a small risk of getting cmc which is crap (havent ran across any tdk that was cmc myself though). Thier is a small chance you can get other stuff with these brands but the majority is ricoh.

Tried to order another 50pk of those silver faced Riteks from newegg…Model# R80JS52-RDCB1001…but they are no longer available. Checked out the other day…pretty sweet site for quality media. Are there more sites like this in the U.S.? Thanx…


You may also want to look at - they are a pretty good vendor with a good variety-

Some folks use - but if you look at their feedback results at - you probably wouldn’t want to take a risk in buying from them after reading all the war stories from past customers-

btw - I make a practice not to do anything while burning - and have not thrown a coaster - using good media like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or maxell-


I purchase prodisc from shop4tech and also there cases like the fact that they have free shipping. I just orders my second 100 of
DVD-R 8X 4.7GB Silver Inkjet Printable (No Stacking Ring Hub Printable) by Prodisc. I use these because they say they have the AZO dye. Had no problem with the first 100. I did the Matrix from Shop4tech and found that most burnt ok but I would not recommend buying either there sonic or matrix band but the prodisc have been great. I also ordered my pioneer 109 from them and had no problem with getting it or the unit. Have used them for over two years now and I have not had any problems. I have read online where others had problems with shop4tech but I for one have not just got in 100 single cases, 100 double cases, and 100 pridisc today and ordered them Last saturday which is not bad for UPS ground.

raid is not the best way to go about it! not many burners or readers suport raid 100% but all main items should be on IDE.

With my setup, I don’t shutdown any background apps at all, but I do defrag my hard drives weekly, and I have burned to ritek g02’s and 03’s on all my burners with no coasters yet. I’ve only burned about 20 or so. Mostly now, I use TYG02’s.

Just my two cents… but be careful not to move or vibrate the PC whilst it’s burning a disk. Mine is sitting on a laminated floor here, and stomping anywhere near it whilst it’s burning a disk is sure to make a coaster!!

Apart from that, your system sounds like a pretty good spec. But like mentioned above it will still depend on what apps you have running and how much CPU and disk access bandwidth they are consuming.

I can personally bear to leave the system alone whilst it’s burning though :stuck_out_tongue:

I only run a AMD 2000, and don’t shut down any apps in the background, and very rearly have costers, but only use raid for secondary uses like reading to HHD, never on the fly.