Yet another Blindwrite version: 4.2.7 released

I just posted the article Yet another Blindwrite version: 4.2.7 released.

gs332, vio_man and Cyber Dog used our newssubmit to tell us about a new version of Blindwrite. Fast guys at VSO Software since we just yesterday reported about version 4.2.6. This means there are…

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they are crazy-releasing two new versions every day

they don’t test it properly before release :frowning: crap :frowning: :r

Ollie must be on another project I guess :wink: Hey is this release that bad as in your quote crap :frowning: Maby they are rushing ahead for what I don’t know :c I know the old saying time waits for no man, but maybe they need too make it bug free at least for us CDFreaks Team as a whole too test it :wink: I will d/l and have a little look. fix the stack overflow for asians Windows version??? I don’t run the asians version,or maybe there are lots asians amongst us and I never realised it. Greets to everyone and an early happy Christmas. The Diplomat :8 Hey where did that snowball come from from, hey kids these cigars are not cheap(a little humor) Hey thats 7 releases since the 6th November, crazy or what?

All right Go BlindWrite!!! It’s the best CD 1:1 copy software because it supports the latest SafeDisc and SecuROM protections!!!

Well that’s a pretty ignorant thing to say there Interceptor. I’m not asian myself but to simply dismiss an entire group of people isn’t too bright, I’m sure there are plenty of asian burning enthusiast’s amomg the community here. Hell sometimes I visit some asian sites for their top quality porn :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed :slight_smile: