Yet Another Audio Question

I promise guys, after this, I’ll quit asking so many dumb questions.

  1. Will FLAC sound as good as PCM 5.1? I am compressing my movies down to ~10GB and would like to keep the nice HD audio, but PCM 5.1 just takes too much space.

  2. Will FLAC work in an .mkv container?

  3. Does anybody know if the WDTV Live supports FLAC in an .mkv container?


  1. yes.
  2. yes.
  3. don’t know.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2674255]1) yes.
2) yes.
3) don’t know.[/QUOTE]

Hey Teddy. Thanks for your response. I tried doing the conversion via MakeMKV as it has a FLAC converter built into it.

I also found that the WDTV Live does support FLAC audio in the .mkv container.

After doing the conversion, quite honestly, I can’t tell a whole lot of difference between PCM converted to FLAC, and 640 kbps AC3 5.1, so I just decided to keep the AC3 tracks. I’m listening and comparing via VLC Media Player and I have a really good pair of headphones hooked up to the computer.

Thanks again for your quick reply. Maybe when I start working in the field I’m going to school for, I can save up and buy a couple of 3TB HDD’s and do it all uncompressed, or build a little file server or something. I’ll just have to find a good spot to store all my discs for the time being.