Yet another Apple class action suit



Don’t remember dropping your iPhone in a fishbowl? You probably didn’t, but Apple’s faulty moisture detector may say otherwise: :clap:


We’ve had two iphone 4s’ s (out of twenty in our tiny company), die horribly due to “sweaty ears”… about 1 week after warranty runs out … of course.


And that’s without the rediculous breakages due to drops and etc.

Apple have the lowest mtbf that I’ve seen in any phones, with the exception of LG, where turning the phone on violates the warranty, because once it is turned on, it over heats and fries the phone :stuck_out_tongue:

At least apple IPhone just exposed :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but Apple products are just so darned pretty and apparently that outweighs absolutely anything for most Apple users. :wink:



Hey, it could be worse. At least these aren’t the most expensive phones in the world… oh wait.