Yet another 812S vs 2500a topic




I know there’s been a few topics like mine lately

I’d like to get my first DVD burner this week.
I hesitate between the Nec 2500a and the Lite-on 812s
Why those models ? Simply because

  1. they’re DL compatible thanks to the hacked fw. I know there’s no DL media right now, but I don’t want to buy a new burner in 3 months.
  2. I’ve been waiting for the 8.5GB capacity, cos it allows real DVD-Video backups.
  3. They are cheap, cheaper than the “new” officials DL-compatibles burners…

I’m willing to take the risk of using unsupported features that void the warranty.

My main concerns are:

  • compatibility with standalone DVD players
  • compatibility with old DVD-ROM players (Pioneer DVD-114s)
  • burning quality ! :wink:

I don’t plan to use crappy medias. I swear to use TY or MCC discs :bow:

Considering all my blah-blah and that I can get the 812s easier (and cheaper) than the 2500, which one should I buy ?


This is what I recently posted in another forum…

If you’re using TY or MCC media, then you should be fine with either the LiteOn or the NEC, because LiteOn’s media pickiness is with the cheap stuff. There are some who claim that the NEC burns the good stuff better than LiteOn does. I think that they perform roughly the same…


Don’t forget the great tools available to LiteOn owners (thanks in part to our own codeguys), check Tools sticky for more info. :iagree:


You get good tools available for the Lite-On Burners - I do agree with that. However, when it comes in terms of great burn quality and a variety of firmware for even more compatibility with various brands I’d go with the NEC hands down. Herrie has already confirmed that his Dual-Layer backups have, on the majority, played in Stand-Alone players and most likely that will only get better.

I had major issues getting my 451S to make perfectly playable backups when it came to stand-alone players while the NEC has burned a perfect backup every single time out and I’ve done 8-10 backups on it now. It’s working lovely. :slight_smile:


No one is arguing that the NEC is better at writing garbage media. But as he’s stated he will be using quality media. Which is great to hear that I’m not the only one that values my data too much to use garbage media. Even though the NEC burns with lower errors on low quality media I would rather have my LiteOn spit it out in my face to save me from finding out a year or two down the road that the media is becoming unreadable and I have to transfer hundreds of DVD’s to something else.

Using TY or MCC the LiteOn performs on par with the NEC.
If you want to say that the LiteOn burns at 4 PI errors over NEC at 2 PI errors or something like that I will laugh :wink: Anything under 10 or 20 PI is absolutely great and won’t make ANY difference in readability.

Long story short? I’d still get the LiteOn BUT I wouldn’t be upset if I had to get a NEC instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your replies, guys.
I was nearly convinced to get the litey until I saw the comments over bad 8x DVD-R burning with US0N fw :confused:


As much as I love LiteOn hardware and the fun they have given to this community, I find it very difficult to recommend the 812S over the NEC-ND2500A for numerous reasons.

In my DVD writing life, I have had:

3x LDW-401S
2x LDW-451S
1x SOHW-812S
1x Pioneer-107D
1x Plextor 708A
1x Nu 081

So far, they have all fallen by the way-side in favour of the NEC drive. It is top class.

The two critisisms I have for the drive however:


  • Readback performance of burnt media can be somewhat patchy from time to time

  • Support for correct EFM encoding is non existent



if you intend to backup movies to DL media
why not just buy a second copy of the original dvd
cheaper than using DL media, and you don’t need to
waste time and money on a writer.